I offer a multitude of services in holistic wellness modalities. Open minds inquire! I have a background in herbalism, aromatherapy, and energy work in addition to my main work in nutrition and movement. I am an advocate for the chronic illness, kink, and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Nutrition Coaching Services

As a Certified Nutrition Coach with ISSA, PN1 Coach, and previous Holistic Nutritionist, I take a no nonsense approach when it comes to nutrition coaching. Diet culture tells us we need to give up our comfort foods in order to achieve our fitness goals. The fitness industry is a billion dollar industry that often preys on folks who are looking for a quick magic fix. Add in the element of being a part of the chronic illness community as a Latina with Multiple Sclerosis, it’s overwhelming. Getting healthy feels impossible and miserable.

Nutrition is a skill learned through practice. Once practiced long enough, it becomes second nature. Getting healthier doesn’t involve scraping everything out of the fridge and pantry and spending hundreds–if not thousands–of dollars on new foods and supplements as a cookie cutter plan. I work alongside you to find the happy medium of enjoying the foods you love. We will also also find nutrition hacks to add in more satiating whole food sources to your daily meals and snacks.

Personal Training Services

I offer in-person small group circuit training sessions in Gatesville, Texas at a locally woman-owned gym. My music playlist ranges from 80’s-90’s party mixes to hard rock. For more information regarding in-person training and availability, check out this Facebook Page.

Online Training

Is your goal to get moving better, boost your energy levels, and find a love for fitness without feeling overwhelmed? I’d love to work with you virtually! I offer online training programs for beginners from bodyweight, to resistance band and weight lifting exercises.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki was born in the 1920’s by Mikao Usui, a scholar who studied Japanese Shinto and Japanese Tendai Buddhist texts. The story goes during meditating, Usui was able to tap into this energy flow, transferring it to himself and anyone and anything open to receiving. Also known as Universal Energy, Reiki is used all over the world and various hospitals around the country. Reiki brings a sense of peace and stillness in patients. If you’re in a better place mentally, then healing often follows. I am a Reiki Master Teacher practicing since 2011. I am available for distance Reiki sessions. In-person sessions to be announced.

Familiar Fitness Services

Canine wellness is another one of my passions. Interested in a fit pet? Let’s chat! There’s nothing better than having a four-legged accountability buddy ready to hit the pavement with you. Also, this service also extends to miniature pig owners–my other specialty.

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